Electrochemical Machines and Systems

Machines for the treatment of stainless steel

Ricerca Chimica offers a range of patented machines for processing stainless steel

Always looking for new solutions for the safe and comfortable use of chemical products, RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP offers all users state-of-the-art technologies that allow to minimize operating times, guaranteeing a saving of time and energy and allowing each operator the industry to work in peace. The combined use of these systems with our chemicals guarantees an extremely reduced environmental impact. All the equipment we produce complies with directives 2014/30 / UE – 2014/35 / UE – 2011/65 / UE, and are equipped with CE mark.

Inox System MAKE UP: the Cosmetics of Metal®

Cosmetics represents the set of activities, techniques and arts related to cosmetics or, by extension, to that which improves pleasantness, appearance and aesthetics. The word derives from the Greek: κόσμος (kósmos) meaning ‘order’, hence kósmesis, i.e, to tidy, beautify, make something seem younger.

The innovative INOX SYSTEM MAKE UP device was created with the aim of tidying up, beautifying, renewing, restoring metal surfaces.

A technologically advanced device, Inox System MAKE UP is the only System in the world capable of performing the complete Stainless Steel Cycle using non-corrosive products: Degreasing, Deoxidation, Pickling, Electrochemical Polishing, Instant Burnishing, Passivation, Electrochemical Marking, this is the Certified Complete Cycle in compliance with ASTM B117 and ASTM A967.  This environmentally friendly device is able to process TIG, PLASMA, LASER, ORBITAL RESISTANCE and MIG welding instantaneously, efficiently, without waste, with emissions ‘SIGNIFICANTLY INFERIOR THAN THE MINIMUM HAZARD THRESHOLD’. The device RC INOX SYSTEM MAKE UP can be upgraded and customized remotely according to treatment and finishing requirements: that kind of technical assistance will be always provided free of charge. The device is manufactured in compliance with European Union safety standards and is CE-marked, it has unique user tools: electrochemical brushes of different sizes, different sets of buffers, a 1 cm tip for retouching, up to a 35 cm torch for the treatment of large surfaces safely and efficiently!


  • The System embodies the Technology and the New Waveforms  able to quickly break down tough oxides,  accessories and protective material designed specifically to maximize the use for Chemical Products not hazardous to the Operator, with the highest performance.
  • The most powerful System in the world for the Stainless Steel Treatment (Unique remotely reprogrammable System via USB port, enabling a different reaction of the System depending on the type of Welding: TIG, MIG, Electrode, Submerged Arc, etc.)
  • The fastest System in the world for the pickling process, through different sets of Torches, electrochemical Brushes and Multiple Brushes, able to perform the whole Stainless Steel cycle: degreasing, decontamination, pickling, multi-material passivation, deoxidation (for maintenance), electropolishing, marking process.
  • The System allows two operators to work with a single unit at the same time.
  • The System allows the treatment on polish surfaces: it does not make matt the treated area.
  • The System ensures Instantaneous Maintenance through corrosion removal, renewing Stainless Steel surface.
  • Incomparable speed: the width of torch tool can reach 350 mm and beyond with the Monster model device.
  • The treatment carried out using RC INOX SYSTEM MAKE UP is CERTIFIED and it guarantees an high resistance against corrosion thanks to the multi-material Passivation, having performances to Nitric Acid.
  • 100% Made in Italy: the System and the Chemical Products are manufactured in our Facilities.
  • Through the MONSTER version of INOX SYSTEM MAKE UP, even on large surfaces customisation of performances is achievable.

The device can even perform the electrochemical marking process, by the use of MARKING KIT.

Inox System MAKE UP pocket

The new System INOX SYSTEM pocket is able to perform a perfect DEGREASING/DEOXIDATION/DECONTAMINATION, an effective PICKLING, an immediate PASSIVATION ,  through an electrochemical process with BRUSH or other tools, in real time.

  • Pickling, deoxidation, decontamination, degreasing and passivation are carried out using non dangerous chemical products (non toxic, non corrosive, non irritating to the skin, non irritating to the eyes)
  • Portable and light professional device
  • The System can be shipped by airplane worldwide: ADR/IATA/IMDG licence not requested for the transport of chemical products
  • It is possible to make Maintenance for the corrosion removal and the restoring of Stainless steel bringing it back to its original conditions
  • Easy to be transported thanks to the shoulder strap
  • The System is even able to make a PERMANENT MARKING on many metals



Also for the very powerful ISR-MONSTER the electrochemical pickling takes place through the use of special electrolytes, suitably formulated to not be dangerous for the operator’s health, not subject to health labeling and capable of providing a final protective action on welding through Multimaterial Passivation.

Through the use of larger torches, from the “MAXI DISOX” torch to the SET DISOX (350 mm torch) it is extremely efficient and fast for restoring surfaces (to bring Stainless steel to New) and maintenance of large surfaces.

New Dek System Spray

Acid resistant spray pump, for the graduated spraying of chemical products: the device is light and easy to handle (for 30 kg buckets and 60 kg drums), and it is suitable for the application of liquid and gel. The pump is made up in acid resistant material, which guarantees a long life in critical operating conditions.

Included accessories are:

  • 5 mt. braided tubing
  • Nr 1 straight fitting
  • Nr 1 inclined fitting
  • Nr 2 nozzles (of your choice)

The pump version FUTUR DEK SYSTEM SPRAY has been specially designed for the application of products belonging to the chemical line FUTU