360° Consultancy

Ricerca Chimica Consulting was created to provide a 360° assistance during design phase, finishing choice and even during manufacturing process, with upcoming maintenance, including the whole cycle for finishing process in its analyses.
Within manufacturing of metal components, surface finishing is a significant part of the product value.
Surface finishing involves considerable aspects such as:

  • product’s value on the reference market
  • product’s capacity to remain unchanged over the time
  • product’s resistance against corrosion
  • surface asepticity against bacterial colonies
  • stability of the product’s aesthetic appearance over the time
  • uniformity of surface roughness
  • easy maintenance
  • other functional and aesthetic characteristics

The experience coming from the successful dealing with 120.000 cases in more than 75 Countries around the world, Scientific Studies and Laboratory Simulations based on International Standards, represent a key tool for Companies operating in compliance with the highest quality standards, that have to distinguish themselves by their technological superiority in their reference market. Patents on Treatment Technologies aimed to Stainless Steel and Titanium alloys, provide a competitive advantage due to integration of unique and incomparable solutions. The Project Team assigned to Customer has the necessary skills to run a 360 ° Analyses, framing the starting situation and planning a shared path aimed to achieve proper quality for its production, in accordance with the budgetary constraints set for each project.

The companies’ need for operational efficiency under quality standards on their target market is given by “360° Consulting Service”, that means:

  • Analyses and specialised surveys conducted with specific equipment
  • Project starting for Scientific Research, aimed to “ad personam” Technological Solutions
  • Simulations for corrosion kinetics phenomena on representative samples of its production
  • Definition of the Operational Intervention Plan, pre-treatment and post-treatment
  • Inspection checks on Production Output
  • Long-life Consultancy

Consultancy on Corrosion

Ricerca Chimica Consulting has created the Division “Corrosion Detection” dedicated to
corrosive phenomena, as well as to the study of their kinetics. The experience gained in over
30 years of activity, through the resolution of over 120.000 cases successfully faced to, in
terms of detection for the corrosive kinetics, identification of the prevention context, and
final resolution to the current phenomenon, is now available to All our Customers through a
range of services immediately accessible at national and international level. The Service
Level Agreement, dedicated to Ricerca Chimica Customers in more than 75 Countries
around the world, allows a full control over Chemical Treatment Process. Customer Services
are provided directly through Research Laboratories, as well as the International network of
“Ricerca Chimica Consulting” Division.