Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Chemical Products

Ricerca Chimica has been designing and manufacturing specific and reliable products for the treatment of stainless steel for over thirty years. A continuous study and update on the new alloys and on the new treatments guarantees the customer to obtain the best result.

Stainless Steel Chemical Plants

Ricerca Chimica has been designing and manufacturing specific and reliable products for the treatment on stainless steel for over 30 years. Continuous study and updating on new alloys and new treatments, guarantee the best possible answer to the customer.

Stainless Steel Consultancy on Corrosion

Ricerca Chimica Consulting has established the Division “Corrosion Detection” dedicated to corrosive phenomena, as well as to the study of their kinetics. The experience gained in over 30 years of activity, through the resolution of over 120.000 cases successfully faced to, in terms of detection for the corrosive kinetics, identification of the prevention context, and final resolution to the current phenomenon, is now available to All our Customers through a range of services immediately accessible at national and international level.

Electrochemical Machines and Systems

Always looking for new solutions for the safe and comfortable use of chemical products, RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP offers all users state-of-the-art technologies that allow to minimize operating times, guaranteeing a saving of time and energy and allowing each operator the industry to work in peace. The combined use of these systems with our chemicals guarantees an extremely reduced environmental impact. All the equipment we produce comply with the 2014/30 / UE - 2014/35 / UE - 2011/65 / UE directives, and are CE marked.

Stainless Steel Subcontracted Services

RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP is also aimed at all those who, although wanting or wanting to try chemical surface treatments, do not have the possibility. Third party processing in the field of degreasing, pickling, electropolishing or passivation is a system that allows our customers to take advantage of a complete cycle without any direct management or waste disposal costs.

Special stainless steel processing

The special processes give the possibility to test the treatments proposed by Chemical Research on the customer's pieces, and range from small samples to constant supplies. Our customers operate in the medical, structural, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, food and petrochemical sectors.