About us

“RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP” is a dynamic and varied reality actually composed by two complementary companies, owned by Maranelli family. The Group has been operating for over 30 years in the field of surface metal treatments as manufacturer of CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, ELECTROCHEMICAL EQUIPMENT, PLANT and subcontracted SPECIALIZED PROCESSING. Being an European Leader in this sector and holder of many registered patents, RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP relies on three internal RESEARCH LABORATORIES dedicated to development and improvement on technical/chemical innovative products, in compliance with environmental and work safety standards. The company has cutting-edge technologies to guarantee a saving in terms of time and energy consumption, it also offer Tailored Solutions for the treatment on Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Brass and Iron. The Company designs and builds Plants for Electropolishing, Electropickling, Multi-material Passivation, Anodizing, Etching, Electropolishing on Titanium as well as Waste Water Treatment Systems for the treatment of all provided chemistry. The Company also deals with Subcontracted Services for companies that do not wish to have these processes in their facility: a 360° consultancy and a complete service are offered to the customer.  An open dialogue with customers, a prompt and professional reply to specific requirements, transparency in relations and strong involvement in all tradeshows in Italy and abroad, wearing a classic “white coat”, constitute the best calling card for all members of RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP.

Where we work

Ricerca Chimica Group is a leader in Europe for the surface metal treatment and it confirms its status as Italian reference point for all companies manufacturing or working with stainless steel and titanium. Ricerca Chimica Group operates directly or through its network of Distributors across Europe, Middle-East, Asia, North-Africa.

A 360° Consultancy on Surface Treatments

Ricerca Chimica Consulting established the Division “Corrosion Detection” dedicated to corrosion phenomena, as well as to the Study of their kinetics.

Our method

  • Customer Problem

  • Analysis and Inspections

  • Technical-Scientific Research

  • Intervention plan

  • Applications

  • Executive Phase

  • Checks

  • Ongoing support

Our numbers

  • 75Countries in which we operate
  • 120.000Cases solved
  • 500Available products
  • 3Research Laboratories

Our Manifesto

RICERCA CHIMICA GROUP has developed the Manifesto “Confidence in Italian Chemical Industry”, which is its inspiration, and wishes to go it public, with the hope that principles contained may become a source for discussion for the whole Modern Chemical Industry Sector who believes in Corporate Social Responsibility.

You can share our Manifesto on the link below: