Titanium Chemical Products

Titanium, both in the form of commercially pure titanium and in its multiple alloys, has acquired a high importance thanks to its resistance to mechanical stress and corrosive phenomena. The sectors of application are different and very extensive: Biomedical, Process and Petrochemical Industry, Aeronautics and Military, Automotive, Architecture and Consumer goods such as jewelry, sports equipment and glasses. Ricerca Chimica Group is specialized in the treatment of this material to provide the customer with concrete support and to meet the multiple market needs.

Titanium Chemical Plants

The R&D Division of Ricerca Chimica boasts decades of experience in the construction of systems for the treatment of titanium, such as "anodic coloring", "electropolishing" and "chemical etching" (etching).

Special processing Titanium

Specialist "third party" titanium processing is carried out directly at a section of our new Research & Development Center inaugurated in January 2020. In state-of-the-art plants it is possible to treat titanium with degreasing, electropolishing, Type III anodizing treatments and etching.