Copper Brass

Metal treatment: cycle for copper and brass

We formulate customized treatments for copper and brass artifacts

Copper Brass Chemical Products

Ricerca Chimica Group has decades of experience in the treatment of brass and copper alloys and offers a wide range of products able to satisfy the many and varied requests of customers who work with these materials. In addition to the products to be used by customers, Ricerca Chimica develops specific chemical systems for the treatment of copper and its alloys, with a wide possibility of customization.

Copper Brass Chemical Plants

The R&D Division of Ricerca Chimica boasts decades of experience in the construction of systems for the treatment of copper and its alloys, such as "pickling", "electropolishing", "burnishing" and "passivation". Each plant is designed in compliance with current regulations and made "custom" according to customer needs. Delivery and installation are carried out by technicians who during the test set the operating parameters so that the customer can immediately start work. Ricerca Chimica also offers an initial training service for users of the system.