Copper Brass Chemical Products

Products for degreasing, pickling, passivation, electropolishing and burnishing of copper and brass

The range of chemicals for the treatment of copper and brass

Copper Brass


Degreasing on copper and brass products is carried out in order to remove oily and dirty residues. This operation is necessary where processing such as welding or painting must be carried out. Normally degreasing on copper products is carried out with alkaline solution with surfactant additives. This operation is generally carried out in a washing tunnel in which the product is sprayed hot on the surface to be treated.


Copper and brass easily encounter surface oxidation phenomena following heat treatments, due to corrosion or by simple contact with the atmosphere. In addition to bringing the metal back to its original color, pickling is essential if subsequent treatments are to be carried out (galvanic processes, painting, etc.). The pickling process can be performed by immersion in a special pickling liquid or by applying a gel. Specially designed technological additives favor the prolongation of the result over time.


Copper and its alloys have a strong tendency to brown in contact with air and humidity. If it is desired to preserve the surface from the above oxidation, it is necessary to treat the product with a suitable passivation. Research Chemistry has developed both concentrated and ready-to-use products with additives with technological corrosion inhibitors and able to work both hot for time savings and cold for energy savings.

Electro Polishing

The Group Chemical Research Technology for electrochemical polishing of copper and brass has significant advantages: increased resistance to corrosion, compliance with particular hygiene requirements, elimination of micro-burrs due to mechanical processing, improvement of the aesthetic appearance and better adhesion of any subsequent galvanic deposits . The electrochemically polished surface with Group Chemical Research Technology is therefore specular and clean at the macroscopic level, smooth and compact in the micro field.


Ricerca Chimica Group has developed a range of products for copper alloys to carry out burnishing and “aging” treatments on the products. The experience gained over time has led to the creation of various products to obtain different effects required by an increasingly demanding market, such as different shades, shades, particular effects, cloudy etc. Ricerca Chimica also provides specific products to be applied after the “aging” treatments to make the appearance of the surfaces more attractive.