Titanium Chemical Plants

Plants for Titanium treatment: anodization, etching, electropolishing

Ricerca Chimica designs and builds plants for the chemical treatment of Titanium


The R&D Division of Ricerca Chimica boasts decades of experience in the construction of systems for the treatment of titanium, such as “anodic coloring”, “electropolishing” and “chemical etching (etching)”. Each plant is designed in compliance with current regulations and made “custom” according to customer needs. Delivery and installation are carried out by technicians who during the test set the process parameters so that the customer can immediately start the work. Chemical Research also offers an initial training service for users of the system.

TYPE III anodizing - Electro-coloring

Type III anodization according to AMS 2488 consists of the formation of an oxide layer with variable thickness. In this way it is possible to obtain a wide range of colors. The resulting coloration gives an aesthetic but particularly functional improvement in terms of increased corrosion resistance.


Etching is an alteration treatment of macro and micro-roughness in order to promote osseo-integration and increase biocompatibility. Ricerca Chimica Group has developed various etching techniques to meet customer needs.

Electropolishing of Titanium (Patented Technology)

Ricerca Chimica Group has developed specific products for electropolishing that allow to reduce the macro- and micro-roughness. Through an electrolytic process, impurities and inclusions are also removed in order to increase the biocompatibility and corrosion resistance of the material.