Stainless Steel Consultancy on Corrosion

Consultancy for the corrosion prevention treatment of stainless steel

Ricerca Chimica is a leader in the anticorrosion treatment of metals, in particular stainless steel

Ricerca Chimica Consulting has set up the “Corrosion Detection” Division dedicated to corrosive phenomena, as well as to the study of their kinetics. The experience gained in over 30 years of activity, through the resolution of over 120,000 cases successfully addressed in terms of identifying the nature of corrosive kinetics, determining the context of prevention and definitive resolution of the phenomenon in progress, is now available to All our Customers through a series of Services immediately accessible at national and international level. The Service Level Agreement dedicated to Chemical Research Customers in over 75 countries around the world allows you to achieve full control of the Chemical Treatment Process. The Services are provided directly through its Research Laboratories, as well as through the international network of the “Chemical Research Consulting” Division.

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