Stainless Steel Chemical Plants

Chemical Plants

Ricerca Chimica designs and manufactures its “turnkey” plants in full compliance with current standards and compliant with the QUALITY SYSTEM with which UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 is equipped. The technological choice of each plant, as well as its design and construction, is carried out taking into account the specific needs of the customer, the production and the number of treatments required.

Ultrasonic degreasing systems

Ultrasound, acoustic waves that vibrate over 18,000 hertz, are able to effectively remove dirt from surfaces. Chemical Research designs the plants by studying the best working conditions in terms of product efficacy, power used and low maintenance. Thanks to our solutions, management costs are reduced by over 50% compared to any other washing system.

Spray degreasing cabins and tunnels

Spray degreasing systems are efficient systems for removing oils and fats. Whether these are tunnels, static or rotary table cabins, the products are hot sprayed on the products to be treated for an optimal result in a short time.

Immersion pickling systems

Essentially made up of pickling tanks, with automatic or manual handling of the products, they are made according to the highest quality standards in full and comply with current safety and smoke emission standards. Each plant is tailored to the customer’s needs.

Spray pickling plant

The systems essentially consist of cabins made entirely of polypropylene. The product is sprayed on the external or internal and external surface of the products to be treated. In the same cabin, in addition to pickling, it is possible to wash and passivate. The volumes involved are reduced compared to normal pickling tanks, thus reducing the normal risks associated with the storage and handling of chemical products. They are particularly suitable for products such as tanks and drums.

Passivation systems

The passivation systems are designed to adapt to the customer’s needs and can be used with the wide range of formulations produced by Chemical Research, from traditional ones with nitric acid to new formulations based on organic acids, respectful of the environment. As for the pickling, immersion or spray solutions can be adopted.

Impianti di Elettrolucidatura

Manuali o automatici, per immersione di qualsiasi dimensione o forma, Ricerca Chimica propone impianti di elettrolucidatura moderni e funzionali destinati a durare nel tempo. Il valore aggiunto è rappresentato anche dall’ampia gamma di formulati realizzati per il trattamento di lucidatura elettrochimica su specifiche del Cliente.

Impianti di depurazione e abbattimento fumi

Una delle mission di Ricerca Chimica è il rispetto dell’ambiente e della salute degli operatori che usano i nostri prodotti. Per questo motivo ci impegniamo nel realizzare impianti per l’abbattimento degli inquinanti e dei fumi in modo da garantire un vantaggio economico per il Cliente e un guadagno per il territorio