Special stainless steel processing

Special cutting-edge processing on stainless steel

Ricerca Chimica is a leader in the special processing of stainless steel

The special processes give the possibility to test the treatments proposed by Chemical Research on the customer’s pieces, and range from small samples to constant supplies. Our customers operate in the medical, structural, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, food and petrochemical sectors. The proposed treatments are customizable and flexible. The treated materials are varied, from austenitic (AISI 304 or EN1.4301, AISI 316 or EN1.14401) and ferritic / martensitic (AISI 420, 630, X15TN) steels to commercially pure titanium or alloy.
The treatments carried out are:

• degreasing (steel and titanium)
• electropolishing (steel and titanium)
Pickling (steel)
• passivation (steel)
• Type III anodizing (titanium)
• etching (titanium).

The Customer who turns to Chemical Research can count on the close collaboration with the Research and Development Laboratory which has modern and reliable characterization systems to offer 360 degree consultancy. The special processing team works constantly to maintain very high production standards. The considerable experience gained, the continuous search for innovative solutions combined with direct contact with the customer make Ricerca Chimica a reliable partner for the development of projects and for the creation of cutting-edge processing lines. The strict internal Quality Control guarantees the customer a fast and reliable service.