Our Chemical Plants

Ricerca Chimica Plant Division has decades of experience in the manufacturing of Plants for Treatments on metals (Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium). Each plant is designed in
compliance with current regulations and it is tailored on customer needs. Delivery and assembly are made by technicians who set process parameters during testing, so that customer can start working immediately. Ricerca Chimica also offers an initial training course to Plant operators. Ricerca Chimica provides increasingly innovative and performing plants, that are tailored-made and
flexible, always looking for environmentally friendly solutions.

Degreasing Ultrasonic Plants

Ultrasonics are acoustic waves vibrating over 18,000 hertz, able to effectively detach dirty from surfaces. Ricerca Chimica designs plants through the study of the best working conditions in terms of product effectiveness, power supply and minimal maintenance. Thanks to our solutions, operating costs are reduced by more 50% compared to any other washing system.

Cabin Cleaning and Degreasing Washing Tunnel

Spray degreasing plants are efficient systems for oil and grease removal. They can be tunnels, static cabins or rotary tables, where chemicals are hot sprayed over the pieces to be treated to get an optimal result in a short time.

Dipping Plants for Pickling

They are made up of pickling tanks, with automatic of manual movement of pieces, designed according to the highest quality standards , in compliance with current safety rules and with fume emission rules. Each plant is tailored to the needs of the customer.

Spray Pickling Plants

Plants are mainly made up of wholly polypropylene cabins. The product is sprayed by recirculation on the surface, only internally or internally and externally. In the same cabin, besides pickling, it is possible to do washing and passivation. Volumes are reduced compared to the conventional pickling basins, thereby reducing the usual risks for chemical products storage and handling. These plants fit for tanks and drums.

Passivating Plants

Passivating Plants are designed to meet customer needs and they can be used with the wide range of Ricerca Chimica’s products, from the conventional ones including nitric acid, to the new ones based on organic acids, environmentally friendly. As per the pickling process, dipping or spraying solutions can be adopted.

Electropolishing Plants

They can be manual or automatic plants, for the dipping pieces having different size and shape. Ricerca Chimica offers modern and functional electropolishing plants, meant to last over time. The added value also lies on the wide range of chemicals made for electrochemical polishing treatment in compliance with Customer’s specifications.

Waste water Treatment Plants and Scrubber Systems

One of Ricerca Chimica’s missions is the respect for environment and health protection. That is why we are committed to the building of water and fume treatment systems, in order to guarantee an economic advantage to the Customer and a benefit to the environment.

Titanium Plants: Anodizing TYPE II I – Electrocolouring – Etching - Electropolishing

Based on our decades of experience in dental and bone implantology, Ricerca Chimica’s plants are designed and built to guarantee functionality, user-friendliness but mainly cleaning and sustainability also within technical and specialist laboratories. The setting up of our plants is always preceded by a series of tests, run by Special Processing department, able to set the most suitable operational parameters and to fulfil customer’s requirements.

Subcontracted services: Stainless Steel and Titanium

Subcontracted services are carried out in Ricerca Chimica Inox Service facility. Thanks to a thirty-year experience, we are able to perform processes such as Degreasing, Pickling, Shotblasting, Electrochemical Polishing on Stainless Steel pieces having different sizes. Some of market segments that address to Ricerca Chimica Inox Service, transferring the whole chemical surface treatment process to our expertise are: Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Nuclear Industry, Transportation Industry, Furniture Industry, Paper Factories, Shipyard Industry, Mechanical Industry, Textile Industry.

Special Processing

This a centre of excellence for Ricerca Chimica, where all advanced treatments, developed by our Research and Development laboratory, are performed. That centre is made up of two departments  that operates respectively for medical, pharmaceutical, implantology sectors, and for aeronautical sector. Treated materials are manifold, from austenitic steels (EN1.4301/AISI 304, EN1.14401AISI 316 o) to ferritic/Martensitic steels (EN 1.4028/AISI 420, EN 1.4542/630, X15TN), ) to commercially pure Titanium or Titanium alloys.

Treatments carried out are:

  • Degreasing
  • Electropolishing
  • Pickling
  • Passivation
  • Chemical Milling
  • Anodizing Type III (Titanium)
  • Etching (Titanium)

Customer appealing to Ricerca Chimica benefits from a very close cooperation with Research and Development Laboratory equipped with modern and reliable characterization systems, to provide a 360° consultancy. The team in charge with special processing works to keep quality standards always at the top level. The significant expertise gained, the continuous search for alternative solutions combined with direct contact with the customer, make Ricerca Chimica become a reliable partner for the development of projects and for the implementation of cutting edge manufacturing processes. The strict internal quality control guarantees a prompt and reliable service to customer.