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Products for pickling, degreasing and protection against corrosion on Iron

The range of chemical products for the treatment of Iron


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Degreasing on carbon steel products removes oily residues using special alkaline solutions in which surfactants and corrosion inhibitors are dosed appropriately. The pieces come out perfectly degreased and without dark oxidations due to contact with the air. Degreasing is the necessary pre-treatment before carrying out welding or painting treatments.


Pickling effectively removes surface oxidations due to corrosion or heat treatments. It is used as a pre-treatment before subsequent welding or painting processes. Pickling can be performed either by dipping or by applying a gel directly on the surface to be treated.

Corrosion inhibitors - protective

The special corrosion inhibitors present in the Ricerca Chimica formulations keep the highly reactive carbon steel surface clean, shiny and without oxidation. They can be inserted in the washing tanks as medium-term protective after the degreasing and pickling processes.