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Metal treatment: cycle for Corten

We formulate customized treatments for Corten metal pieces


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Degreasing is a pre-treatment before welding or painting processing. Residues of dirty are removed using alkaline solutions enhanced by surfactants and corrosion inhibitors.


Pickling removes metal surface oxidations due to corrosion or heat treatments. The process makes the surface ready for the following processes of aging and protection. Pickling can be carried out by dipping or by gel application.

Aging – Protective Agents

Nowadays there is a great demand for architectural parts made of Cort-ten. Because of contact with environment, Cor-ten creates a brown oxidation on its surface, that protects it against further oxidation. This is a special feature of Cor-ten. The finishing is achieved after some months of exposure to external environment. Thus, a product able to accelerate the phenomenon has been studied, in order to get a similar result within a few days, with considerable time saving and increase in productivity. After aging treatment, however, it is necessary to apply a final protective agent to facilitate the maintaining of finishing.