Aluminum Chemical Products

Products for pickling, degreasing, polishing of Aluminium

The range of chemical products for the treatment of Aluminium


  • Aluminum Chemical Products


Pickling allows you to remove the aluminum oxide layer created by the thermal alterations suffered by the material and the spontaneous oxidations caused by the environment . Ricerca Chimica Group has developed a wide range of products for both acid and alkaline pickling for multiple aluminum alloys.


For several years, Ricerca Chimica has promoted a campaign to replace traditional chlorinated solvents to eliminate the intrinsic harmfulness of classic products and the potential harmfulness of chlorinated molecules on certain types of alloy.


Ricerca Chimica Group is able to provide solutions for the chemical polishing of aluminum at microscopic level: this leveling produces an extremely smooth surface that appears to our eyes like a mirror. This process makes the surface free from contamination and small defects, increasing its resistance to corrosion. This process complies with the strict regulations envisaged for the pharmaceutical and food industry.